It may certainly seem we are becoming the left behind percentage of the society, in many instances.  But make  no mistake we are still the force to be reckoned with. My blog is an attempt to reconnect with those I have lost to high tech creativity, and the lack of face time we are all craving these days. So, I raised the family successfully, put them through school, married them off, then got the bright idea to morph, into Renaissance -woman. Upon the suggestion of a a principal I was assistant to, I was talked into going back to school. Halfway through the four grueling years of university, I lost my job, courtesy of the economy. Cut to November 2011, and I am now graduating, still no job in sight.

Here is the real dig, no one wants to see who you really are in a face to face interview any more, it is all about the resume and cover letter on the web, and the strategically placed buzz words that recruiters are looking for in the first few seconds of reviewing the resume. I am wondering if anyone else out there is questioning the fact that a glowing background, and years of experience is trumped by a few buzz words. I was actually assisted in the writing of both the resume and cover letter, by two separate career advisers at this university, only to be told by a third adviser, that the reason I was not getting work was because my presentation was all wrong. Hello, anyone else been there, let’s share.

~ by silvachiqa on May 11, 2012.

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