Arthritis Pain, some natural treatments

What Herbs Are Beneficial for Arthritis?

By Isabel Prontes, eHow Contributor

Arthritis is a medical condition that involves the joints. The disorder is characterized by joint inflammation. There are many different varieties of the disease. One of the main defining symptoms of arthritis is pain of the joints, which is known as arthralgia. For those living with arthritis, there are several natural herbal remedies that can help to either soothe or treat the disorder’s uncomfortable and painful symptoms. Here are some natural herbs that might offer some joint comfort. As with all herbal supplements, one should always get a physician’s approval as to how the react with prescription medications, and whether such supplements are right for you individually.

Ginger – Is historically used for soothing inflammation and pain, it is said to have a positive effect on people with arthritis dealing with severe pain of the muscles. Devil’s Claw – Is a herb from southeastern Africa, it’s know to assist in mobility, and helps to restore functions of the joints that are affected by the arthritis. Red Pepper – Has strong Capsaicin properties which can disrupt pain transmission in the body.  Red Pepper also encourages the emission of endorphins, which have components that are very similar in nature to aspirin, and therefore have properties that are highly useful for pain relief.

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