Photography, Late Bloomers, Recognizing the inevitability of Aging

Tahitian Sunrise

I recently enjoyed a movie titled “Late Bloomers”, and something occurred to me regarding age. In so many cases, as regard to humans and aging, society get hung up on the numbers. However, when we stop to really analyze the facts, aging is all too inevitable. We adore our favorite foods, but once we purchase them do we expect them to last forever?, how about our pets that we claim are an extension of our families, don’t they get old and die. So why is a person’s age so relevant to their abilities or usefulness. I thought the older one gets the more real life experiences they have to share with the younger set, but this seems to be the contrary. The aged in our society are now treated like something contagious, like village idiots who should be seen and not heard. I have seen this behavior in my place of business. I believe it’s time that intelligent folks who are in this category, who have a voice  speak up for our older friends and relatives. The Aging in our society, definitely have a wealth of knowledge to offer, for a very long time.

~ by silvachiqa on June 11, 2012.

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