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"Jones Bridge Park/Chattahoochee River"

“Jones Bridge Park/Chattahoochee River”

Spending time in Georgia with family, we visited the Jones Bridge Park which is a beautiful spot to picnic and swim. We had a glorious, relaxing, Father’s day there. Just a few pictures to share.

"River through the trees"

“River view”

"Ducks preening"

“Ducks preening”

“Having Fun in the water”

“Going upstream”

“Left behind?”

“Sunset on the Chattahoochee River”











~ by silvachiqa on June 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “My Travels, Photography”

  1. Nice photos. They have to be clicked to be bigger. I clicked the last one and it is very pretty.

    • I am new at blogging, is there some place for folks like me to get direct guidance on better blogging. I would like to keep blogging, but I really don’t want to just take up space doing something that neither I nor others enjoy. In the meantime, thanks for the advice.

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