Staying positive in the face of adversities, coping skills

Hello everyone, happy Friday.
I have been away from blogging for a while. I have been one of the unemployed masses for some time now. Here is the rub; before losing my job, I was encouraged to go back to school for an additional 4 years. I was happy to embark on the journey, believing it would give me more leverage in the job market.

To date, I am nursing a large student loan, with no way in sight to pay it back. What I keep running into are, new recruitment games which look for specific buzz words on a resume, to judge you by. When I was in recruitment, we looked for folks who were highly educated, experienced in their field, had a clean, checkable, background/ criminal record, not so anymore.

It is extremely frustrating,  which I’m sure is a gross understatement, in the present economy.

This is just a little bit of encouragement, from me to you, to say, never despair. I am finding ways to cope as best I can, given the present lay of the land. I am employing every creative idea I never even knew I had in me.

So hang in there, and never say never, one never knows what is just beyond the horizon.
Best wishes to us all!

~ by silvachiqa on November 30, 2012.

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